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SLEEPYBELLY - Your Ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Companion

As a mother of three young children, I've lived and understand the discomforts that often arise during pregnancy and the challenges of the postpartum period. 

Working with many mums, I'm often asked for recommendations on certain products to support the journey of pregnancy and postpartum. When recommending a product or service to another mother, I want the best value for their investment and to make their journey smoother, so I am always happy to share the Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow. While using this pregnancy pillow, I learned that it is not just a standard pregnancy pillow but a companion that will support you throughout your entire journey. 

Unlike other products on the market, Sleepybelly offers so much more than its name suggests. I have been lucky enough to try this fantastic product during my postpartum, and I want to share my thoughts on how you can best use it throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

Comfort and Support in Pregnancy

The unique design of Sleepybelly is what caught my attention; unlike other oversized pregnancy pillows, which take up half the bed and take just as much time to shape and position to get comfortable, the Sleepybelly pillow offers support in your back and front with multiple configurations options to suit your needs at the time. If you require support from back pain, the long pillow fits snuggly to ensure your entire back is supported while promoting safer sleeping options in a side-lying position. If you require lower back support, you can opt for the smaller pillow to keep you positioned snuggly, or if you're a back sleeper, this pillow is perfect for keeping you off your back without feeling like you're entirely side lying. The Sleepybelly pillow also provides belly support with the smaller fitted pillows. If you are experiencing pelvic girdle discomfort, the Sleepybelly is perfect, as the adjustable pillows allow for a comfortable fit between your legs, providing the correct positioning to help your pelvic alignment. This is also particularly important in the later stages of pregnancy to help create space in the pelvis for your baby to position themselves optimally for labour and birth. What is great about this pillow is that it can help you get comfortable on the couch while maintaining pelvic alignment. 

Support after birth

As I mentioned earlier, I love a product that can travel with you into your next journey, which is postpartum. There is no denying that during postpartum, a range of discomforts can arise, from healing after birth to learning to breastfeed and finding comfortable positions. 

Many mothers will report a range of discomforts after birth, especially if they've had a caesarean birth. The Sleepybelly pillow provides support during this healing period, particularly when breastfeeding your baby. Finding the optimal position to breastfeed in is crucial, and following a caesarean birth, this can be challenging, as your lower abdomen will be sore. Using the Sleepybelly as a breastfeeding pillow is perfect; you can place this pillow over your legs and lower abdomen so that your baby rests on the pillow rather than on your tender abdomen, reducing the weight you will feel and providing extra cushioning. 

Support during breastfeeding 

Even if you have not had a caesarean birth, this pillow is great for breastfeeding support. Breastfeeding is beautiful, but it can also come with challenges. 

Many mums will hunch themselves over in the early days to support their baby latching onto the breast, but we all know this should not occur as it leads to a sore back. While not all mothers will require support from a pillow, the Sleepybelly pillow is excellent for helping to achieve an optimal position and latch. As pictured, there are many positions you can breastfeed in using the Sleepybelly; my favourite is the side-lying position. 

co-sleeping with baby

Support during co-sleeping & tummy time

Aside from breastfeeding, if you choose to co-sleep with your baby, this pillow can help you remain safe while sleeping next to your baby. As a co-sleeping mother myself, I loved being with my baby, but my back was forever aching. The Sleepybelly pillow provided the back and hip support I needed to remain co-sleeping, and it was safe for my baby, as the pillows are not big and bulky or shift into your baby's sleeping space. 

tummy time, mother and baby

Now, if I haven't convinced you enough, maybe this will. As your little one grows, you can use the pillow to create fun and comfortable tummy time sessions with your baby! Each pillow can help support your baby in the tummy time position, helping to strengthen their neck, back, and shoulder muscles. 

This pillow is not just your regular pregnancy pillow but the ultimate companion during your pregnancy and into your postpartum journey, supporting you and your baby. The design is innovative and adaptive, which many mothers love, including me! 

It is hands-down a must-have on your list of purchases. Investing in this pillow is not just about comfort; it is about prioritising your well-being. 

Sleepybelly has kindly given you a discount code ILLOURA10 which will give you $10 off your purchase.

For more information on the Sleepybelly pillow visit their website and follow them along on social media for more pregnancy tips.

Instagram: @thesleepybelly



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