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Empower your birth journey with hypnobirthing

Embrace the transformative power of childbirth. You can step into your birth feeling calm & confident

Illoura Birth Hypnobirthing is

Birth is a natural and beautiful process. My classes are designed to help you explore all of your birth options, while tapping into your innate wisdom to birth calmly and confidently.


Everything you learn is evidence-based and proven to work. Helping many families achieve a positive birth.


Using a range of relaxation tools including breathing, massage, acupressure, visualisation & more


Explore all there is to know about childbirth, my aim is to have you prepared no matter what unfolds during your birth.


The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program offers a range of class options to suit everyone and all birthing circumstances

Group Classes

Learn with other like-minded couples in a group setting held once per month. Group classes are held over two Sunday's and run for 6 hours each day.

Group class investment - $550 a couple.

Private Classes

Learn in the comfort of your own home and have your classes tailored to your birth wishes. Classes are held over three or four sessions of your choice.

Private class investment - $950

Caesarean Class

Hypnobirthing can be used for a caesarean birth. Learn in the comfort of your own home in a 4-hour class tailored to your birth.

Class investment - $420

Online Courses

Unable to attend an in-person class? Sign up to the online Hypnobubs self-paced course. You can upgrade to include a private session in your home for an additional $150.

Course Investment - from $199

Refresher Class

Available to previous clients or those who have completed a course with another practitioner, this three-hour session will prepare you to meet your newest little baby going over any of the content previously taught. 

Refresher investment - $325

The Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program is Australia's leading childbirth education course. Designed to help you at any stage in your parenting journey.

Image by Jonathan Borba

What will I learn?

Classes with Vanessa share a wide range of topics including.

  • Relaxation Techniques: Learn how to induce deep relaxation, release tension, and reduce stress.

  • Self-Hypnosis: Discover the power of self-hypnosis.

  • Breathing Exercises: Master various breathing techniques to stay calm and focused throughout labour. 

  • Understanding the Birth Process: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the stages of labour and the role of your body in birthing.

  • Effective Communication: Learn how to communicate your birthing preferences effectively with your healthcare team.

  • Birth Partner's Role: Equip your birth partner with the knowledge and skills to support you during labour.

Are you ready to experience the power
of a positive birth


"I found Illoura Birth after being recommended to explore hypnobirthing as an option for birth. My husband and I feel really ready to face birth now, equipped with so much knowledge and belief that Vanessa shared with us. We feel empowered about our options, and how we can safely support the type of birth that we want. If you are still thinking about doing a course like this- I hope this is a sign for you to say yes- you honestly won’t regret it!"
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