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Childbirth + Newborn Education

 Birth + Postpartum Doula Services

Melbourne & Online

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I'm Vanessa

Doula, Childbirth Educator + Mum

I want you to feel empowered and confident on this journey towards birth and parenting.

My holistic & evidence-based classes will prepare you for birth and beyond. 

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Holistic childbirth preparation courses for natural and caesarean births.

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Doula Packages

Birth & postpartum Doula packages supporting you on your journey

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Ready to Birth Online

A self-paced childbirth preparation course to empower & excite you for birth.

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Breastfeeding Classes

A self-paced breastfeeding course designed to prepare & empower you.

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Caesarean Birth Class

Holistic caesarean birth preparation using hypnobirthing techniques. 

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Baby Bundle Program

A self-paced course preparing & guiding parents with a new baby.

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We can't control how things unfold, but we can control how prepared we are...

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