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Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing Australia ™  Positive Birth Program, prepares you for the birth of your baby with knowledge, tools, support & preparation, eliminate fears & enjoy your birthing day

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Caesarean Classes

A world first Positive Caesarean Birth Course designed to help you gain knowledge, tools, support & preparation to achieve a calm & empowering caesarean birth.

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Newborn Classes

Designed to prepare expecting parents for the first 3 months with their baby. Learn about newborn behaviours, sleep, feeding, settling techniques, rashes, signs of an unwell baby & what to do. 



From the moment we met Vanessa we felt so comfortable and supported. Her two day hypnobirthing course was simply real and had plenty of detail. She would go through any questions and concerns with us and took the time to explain everything to ensure we felt confident in the process. We can't thank Vanessa enough for helping us achieve our calm, drug free positive birth experience.


What a wonderful experience we had with our Hypnobirthing teacher, Vanessa. Vanessa came to our home for a 1 day intensive private training session where we learnt so many valuable tips and tricks to help us during labour and birth. Not long after our class my wife gave birth to our first child. The birth was calm and so incredibly special. It lasted 3 hours and was completely natural. We couldn't have done it without Vanessa! 


 It was such an incredible experience and so worth it. Being a nurse, you always hear the horror stories of birth, but Vanessa showed me how in control, relaxed, calm and natural the birthing process can be. She gave us a range of techniques to use and develop to see which one would fit with us. My husband enjoyed knowing what was going to happen and have a purpose throughout the labour and delivery purpose. 


Baby had some drops in heart rate over the day, so a c-section was suggested. It was a really calm and happy surgery, I had my music playing and was honestly smiling the whole time. The breathing techniques worked so well for me throughout the 20 hours of labour. I'm so proud of myself and how I handled it all, and I know a lot of that comes down to the things we learnt in your class. Thank you so, so much.



Hi, My name is Vanessa Barnard and I am the owner and founder of Illoura Birth.


I’m a Hypnobirthing Mum myself and have used the tools and techniques for my own two amazing births.

I am very passionate about educating and preparing women and their partners for birth. I want you to feel confident, empowered and most importantly excited for the day your baby is born.


I have been a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner since 2019 and recently completed my training to help prepare women and their partners for a caesarean birth.



Please note TENS machine hire is for women located in Victoria only.

Hire period is over 5 weeks for $79



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