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Caesarean Birth Preparation

A world first Positive Caesarean Birth Course designed to help you gain knowledge, tools, support & preparation to achieve a calm & empowering caesarean birth

You do have options

Your caesarean birth can be a calm and enjoyable experience. Like all births, having a caesarean also requires preparation. There are many options you can explore for your caesarean birth, and during this class we will cover them all. 

The Positive Caesarean birth class is offered both in a group or private setting and is designed to equip you with the knowledge surrounding the birth process, the tools you can use to approach your birth calmly and remain relaxed throughout, along with a focus surrounding your recovery afterwards. 

Your birth matters, just like any other birth. My aim is to educate you and inspire you so that you can feel confident bringing your baby into the world. 

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Please note group classes are currently not offered at this time.

Giving Birth

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Held in the comfort of your home in person. Online options also available.

Caesarean Course

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