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Grab your cuppa and maybe some tissues for this beautiful birth story of Lila. Rachel & Jayden attended one of my group hypnobirthing courses earlier this year. Rachel is currently studying midwifery and has seen her fair share of births and was keen to use hypnobirthing as part of her preparation and want to achieve a natural labour and birth.

I could not wipe the smile from my face as she describes her birth in this story.

Lila's birth story includes natural labour, labouring at home, hypnobirthing tools, upright positioning, empowered decision making and water birth. Enjoy this read, it is one that will inspire you as you prepare for your own birth.

Since doing your course at 34 weeks I listened to the rainbow mist track twice per day and practiced both the relaxation and surge breathing techniques daily while being on my birth ball. I created a corner in my house where I put up a visualisation board. I cut out the image of the uterus muscles from the hypnobirthing book as I found this really helpful to visualise while practicing my breathing. Jayden and I spent time practicing light massage, our anchor touch and acupressure. I also made sure I did daily spinning babies exercises to help baby to find the right position.

On the morning of my labour Jayden, my parents and I took the dogs for a big walk. When we arrived home we were about to head out for brunch when my waters broke at around 11am. We changed plans and had our breakfast at home and soon after I began getting regular contractions. I called the hospital and let them know my waters had broken. They wanted me to head straight in and have a CTG but I politely declined as I didn’t want to have to travel back and forth. I knew I just needed to practice my relaxation and get my oxytocin flowing. I put on my TENS machine and sat on my birth ball while Jayden did light massage.

After a few hours of labouring at home my contractions were becoming stronger and I knew I had to head into the hospital as soon I wouldn’t be able to handle the contractions very well in the car. I needed to be set up in my zone so we called the hospital and I asked if I could have the bath filled.

Jayden and my mum joined me to the hospital and after what felt like a long few contractions gripping onto Jayden at the front of the hospital while they did the covid screening we went into the assessment room. Our lovely midwife did a quick CTG and we decided not to go ahead with a VE as it would put me “on the clock” so we were admitted straight to the birthing suite. Jayden and my mum helped set up the room with candles and my music and I laboured in the birthing suite on my birth ball and using my TENS. The midwife wanted to put off getting in the bath for as long as possible and I trusted her to tell me when she thought was the right time. After a few hours my contractions became a bit harder to breathe through and I started to feel like I needed a change of scenery. I declined a VE before getting into the bath as I didn’t feel it was necessary and I didn’t want to know how dilated I was at this point. The midwife did a quick abdo palp and baby was in a direct OA position which made me feel confident and relieved!

Once I got into the bath I felt the contractions becoming very strong and looking back this is definitely the point I went into transition. Jayden held the shower head on my back and my mum sat in front giving me words of encouragement. There was one point I felt I couldn’t go on and asked if I should maybe try the gas. My mum and Jayden reminded me at this moment how strong I was and I knew in the back of my mind it may make me feel sick and lose a bit of control so I held off and pushed through.

After around 1.5 hours in the bath I felt sudden pressure and an urge to push with each contraction. The midwife asked if she could check me and I felt like it was a good idea so I knew if I could push or not. The midwife did a VE and popped my waters which actually ended up shooting out, soaking Jayden and his shoes haha! Once I was back in the bath I followed my instincts and pushed when I felt the urge. With each contraction I put my hand to feel her head coming down, which really gave me strength to continue. The midwives were so supportive and hands off which allowed me to trust my own body. When it came to her head about to be born I instinctually put my hand down to feel the stretch of my perineum and knew I had to wait until the next contraction to push her out. The pushing phase was done in 30 minutes and she was born safely into the water, crying as soon as she came up to my chest.

I didn’t feel instant relief or affection towards Lila as I was in shock!! Although I wanted to try a physiological third stage and birth my placenta naturally the pain of my ongoing contractions was just too much. The midwife offered to give to injection to help the placenta out and I agreed, feeling great relief once it was out!

Once back in the birth suite, the midwife made sure to dim the lights and allow me time for Lila to attempt a breast crawl. We gave her time but she was just too mucusy and not interested, which was fine! The midwife checked and found I had a first degree tear which the OB then decided to suture.

Although intense, thinking back on my labour and birth I am so proud of myself. I was confident I could do it, I trusted my body and the lovely midwives supported my birth preferences. The hypnobirthing course helped prepare Jayden to best support me through my labour. Even in the midst of my labour my mind referred back to the breathing techniques I had learnt and I am very glad I prepared myself!


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