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A few months back I introduced you all to Brooke, a long time friend of mine (Subway sandwich making days) who is not only an amazing Naturopath but the nicest soul you will meet. Brooke has kindly shared her hypnobirth of her son Kai with us. This birth story is so beautiful, along with the photo's Brooke has shared. In this story you will read about how hypnobirthing changed Brooke's mindset, her pre-conception and pregnancy care routine with diet and supplements along with many hypnobirthing tools she used throughout her labour including visualisations, affirmations, breathing techniques and the use of warm water immersion.

I have never trusted my body to the level I did or felt so focused while giving birth. This I largely credit to my mind set and tools I acquired from completing the hypnobirthing course. I had confidence that my body would know what to do when the time came, and it did. Hypnobirthing educated me on the different stages of birth, both physically and mentally. It provided different breathing techniques, plus positions that kept me calm, therefore open. It helped me to stay mindful and in the present moment. I knew that each contraction was bringing me closer to my baby. I really felt like Kai and I worked together. Im generally a person who can get quite stressed, but the entire time I felt calm and stayed so present at each stage. As well as this, I believe regular and gentle exercising (up until a day before birth), eating a diet rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber, plus taking supplements led me through such a smooth process. I also truely believe creating optimum egg quality and sperm mobility important in the development of a healthy bub as well as ongoing health of mum. Pre conception prenatal vitamins including both the mother (folate, iodine) and father (zinc, vitamin c, selenium) is beneficial. I supplemented with collagen for connective tissue health (not 1 stretch mark) and during 3rd trimester, I took raspberry leaf tea, as well as evening primrose oil and dates, which really helped prepare and soften my cervix. Although labour can be uncomfortable and requires strength, the rest periods were my key to recharging my mind and body.

I felt my first contractions at 9.30pm Sunday 9th June at home. They began 3 mins apart, and little did I know it would continue this way. We commenced labour at home in front of our wood fire, with music (Ziggy Albert and Kyle Lionhart) and a candle lit room for the next 4 hours, breathing through each contraction and bouncing on my birth ball. Next was the hospital 4 hours later where I was told I was already 5cm dilated. I laboured for a few hours in the birthing suite practicing my breathing, positive affirmations and dreaming of holding our boy in my arms. I then jumped in the bath, where I felt most able to control the surges. The entire time I used the power of my mind to stay in control and pass the uncomfortable periods. I Truly believe the bath relaxed me so much, within 30mins I had the urge to push.

Stage two I began to feel the fatigue. I continued to trust my body during this process and continued my labour drug free. I pushed/birth breathed for 1 hour before my waters broke and Kai began to present. The midwives and my hubby remember my transition so beautifully. I heard of some shocking ones of mums packing up wanting to leave or shouting questionable things at partners in the heat of the moment, but after asking politely for a panandol I turned to my hubby Dave and smiled "we are going to meet our boy soon" my hubby very confused at what was "supposed to happen" just knodded and his eyes filled with happy tears.

Monday at 7.28am as the sun came up, I lifted our beautiful 8.8oz bubba boy into my arms and I knew instantly that the role as his mother would be my greatest one yet! Dave was incredible throughout my birth, with constant support and encouragement. He would suggest different positions and pressed the bottom of my back to relieve pressure. Dave admits to everyone how much hypnobirthing classes really helped him know how to support me best and I honestly was so grateful to have him there. He didnt let go of me once (yep even in the loo) Sharing this with him, as well as my mum, and our incredible midwife was so special.

Each birth is very different, but I hope other women see the beauty in the most natural process a women can go through. The key is trust! Trust your body, your baby and the birth process.


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