Smell holds our strongest emotional memories, these birth blends have been formulated to help guide you through your pregnancy, birth and post partum journey.


SURGE - Use this blissful blend during your labour to help relax the mind & strengthen your contractions by applying to your abdomen. Ingredients include lavender essential oil, clary sage essential oil, geranium essential oil & fractionated coconut oil.


UPLIFT - Labour is intense and requires energy, if you feel a lapse in energy, simply spray this blend to give that much needed energy boost in the room. This blend may also help with any nausea or vomiting you may experience. A perfect blend to use as your transition into second stage labour or when you require a pick me up postpartum. Ingredients include wild orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil & distilled water.


RELAX - The name suggests it all and this blend can be used in many ways throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Simply apply to the back of your neck and massage in or use as a pregnancy/birth massage oil by applying to the back or legs to help not only relax but relieve muscle tension. Ingredients include wild orange essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil & fractionated coconut oil.