Throughout the positive birth program I teach many tools and techniques that can be effectively used throughout pregnancy and childbirth. One of the tools that is popular among my clients is the use of affirmations.

Affirmations are essentially positive statements that encourage self-empowerment, positive mindset and encourage you to keep at what it is you are doing. The use of positive affirmations also helps eliminate any reservations, negative self-talk and fears that one may have in relation to anything troubling them.

Many people use positive affirmations daily and don’t even realise it. Think about the job interview you have coming up or have taken in the past. Now think about the encouragement you give yourself for example “I am what they need, this job was made for me” that my friends is an affirmation. Almost everyone will use affirmations daily and common ones include “today is going to be a good day” “nothing can dampen my mood today” “I will achieve a new personal best”

When I am calm my baby knows it

You can understand now why we use affirmations as one of the tools for pregnancy and childbirth. In our society we are surrounded by negative birth talk of all the risks and the horror stories. We only must turn the t.v on and see a mother in labour, birthing a baby looking all sweaty, exhausted and screaming in agony. So, it’s no wonder why so many women are terrified of birth and doubt their abilities to birth their babies.

Affirmations are just one of the tools to help overcome the reservations and fears around pregnancy and childbirth. Women often really enjoy and get quite creative when making their affirmation cards. Affirmations can say/contain anything so long as they are positive and the trick to making them work is:

SEEING them – Display them around the house or hold them close to you in your pockets or handbag. Anywhere where they will easily be seen.

FEELING them – Make sure you feel the connection with the affirmation.

HEARING them – Play them on a device, record yourself or your partner saying them and listen to them daily. You can also speak them, just make sure it’s out loud and not in your head. You must hear them.

SPEAKING them – Stand in front of a mirror and speak them out loud with passion. Or find your relaxing place and speak them out loud there.

Don’t just choose any affirmation, the affirmation needs to really resonate with you and encourage the self-empowerment and eliminate the reservation or fear when it/they rears their ugly head. I also encourage you to continue using positive affirmations after your birthing journey. Becoming a parent is tough and we need to keep up the self-empowerment and positive thinking as we navigate the role of mother.

For anyone expecting a little bundle of joy you can sign up and receive free affirmations by entering your email in the pop up icon.

Until next time, take care xx

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