My Why

Like many I felt so excited to birth my baby; however all I heard were the horror stories.

I was laughed at by people when I would voice my plan around my birth and I was told I was a fool for thinking I would enjoy birthing. Over a few months those stories started to affect me and my positive thinking around birth. I went from feeling excited to anxious and really doubted myself that I could birth my baby. I had a wonderful Obstetrician who recommended hypnobirthing to overcome my anxieties, I was very skeptical but thought ‘why not’ what did I have to lose?

In my job I pride myself on preparation, as a nurse you need to be prepared for all situations, so why view birth differently? I would often ask myself this.

After the birth of my son using hypnobirthing techniques, I had never felt as empowered as a woman then I did that day. The months following the birth I was still on a ‘birth high’ and I felt this drive to know more about hypnobirthing. I did my preparation classes using other hypnobirthing methods, but I always felt it was restricting in a way and missing my fundamental views on birth. I then came across Hypnobirthing Australia™ and the more I researched and read testimonials/watched birth videos I knew that this was the right path for me in starting in this rewarding career.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ cover’s it all, I even said to my husband ‘I wish I had of seen these classes whilst pregnant’ because they cover everything! There are so many tools that can be used and there are no restrictions around how you birth.

Fear needs to be eliminated from birthing conversations and we need to be encouraging women and their partners on having a positive mindset about birth. Birth needs to be normalized as a ‘normal, natural process of a woman’s body’ not a fearful, traumatic experience like we see and hear far too often. Every woman should be able feel informed, empowered and excited about birth and that is why I want to educate people and show them all there is to know about hypnobirthing and achieving a positive birth.


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