do I convince my partner to do hypnobirthing classes!

This is often the case with many couples I speak with and don’t worry I have been there before with my own husband who was so sceptical about hypnobirthing.

He would tell me it was not necessary, that we could put the money elsewhere and I/we were going to be just fine during the birth.

Typical bloke response hey!

I remember at the introduction to our classes the lovely teacher asked each couple what they wanted to get out of the course. I still laugh at my husband’s response just thinking about it. His response went along the lines of ‘well I am very sceptical of all this and I’m sure Vanessa will tell me what she wants me to do during the birth, but she really wants to do this and our Obstetrician recommends it so I’ll support her choice’

Sound familiar ladies???

Fast forward to the end of our hypnobirthing course and I was convinced my husband loved it more than me! When he was asked again what he thought of hypnobirthing and how it will play a role in our birth his response was ‘I had no idea how important my role was and how it could actually play out in helping my wife during birth’

In the lead up to birth my husband was all over it, and to be honest he would actually have to remind me to practice my breathing techniques and listen to the relaxation tracks. He became Professor Hypnobirthing Husband!!! So to the birth partners out there who are feeling reluctant about doing classes here are a few responses from my ‘sceptical turned advocate for hypnobirthing’ husband. I hope they will help you in deciding if hypnobirthing is for you. These answers have not been changed in any way; they are a true open, honest reflection on how he felt at the time and after the birth of our Son.

What were your thoughts on hypnobirthing when you found out about it?

My first thought of Hypnobirthing was just another crazy idea my wife had thrown at me during our pregnancy journey. I thought that my wife would be in a trance like state and have no idea what was actually going on in the room. My only exposure to anything that sounded like hypnosis was what you see on TV with people running around a stage like chickens.

What did you take away from the hypnobirthing classes?

The confidence I received from attending the hypnobirthing classes was that we as the birthing partner can play an integral role during the birth by being a great support, advocate and guide to our birthing plan.

If you were to speak with other dads out there who are asking is it worth it what would you say?

I would say to other dads or birthing partners that if their partners are considering hypnobirthing to go to the classes with an open mind. My understanding of what happens during the birthing process changed from within the first hour of teaching from the class. My perception of what my role was changed from being just there to hold her hand, to being there for all the different stages of labour and what we as the partner can actually do to support and guide our partners through the labour and birthing process.

How did the tools you learnt from the classes help with your role in the birth?

As I said above, knowing that the tools you learn during the class prepares you for when each different stage of labour occurs and what to expect from your partner, what may help alleviate some discomfort or pain, while also helping your partner to concentrate on the task at hand and that is to deliver the baby.

Describe your perception on the birth of your son?

We had a very positive experience with the birth of our Son, as my wife was very calm throughout the labour and we had a great team around us that respected my wife’s wishes of hypnobirthing practices. My biggest positive out of the birth was that the Obstetrician asked me to deliver my son, which before doing the classes and even during the first session I would not even contemplate. I was asked by our hypnobirthing teacher if I would deliver and I said No before she could even finish the question. I think if I had not attended the classes I would have missed out on one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever been a part of and is something I am both proud and grateful for to be able to say I was the first person to hold my son.

Do you believe the birth would have played out differently without hypnobirthing tools?

Yes, from my perspective as I mentioned above and from my wife’s perspective as well. My wife is a very strong women and she would have been amazing anyway. From my perspective watching her go into this frame of mind where she took each of the different stages of labour in her stride and was extremely calm and flowed onto how the birth wen so well.

What was your favourite thing about classes?

The confidence to be able to help, support and guide your partner through each of the stages of labour.

What was your least favourite thing about classes?

The birthing videos at the time were a bit too much to handle, especially as I had lunch just before, although these did help when my Son was actually born to know everything that I was seeing was normal.

Birth partners I promise you there is no running around like a chicken in our classes. The hypnosis side of hypnobirthing really is just an added bonus and we focus on self-hypnosis which you will learn is something you go into many times already throughout the day without even knowing you are in it.

It sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

I can promise you will walk away from classes feeling prepared, knowing exactly what your role is, have an amazing set of tools and new found knowledge to use during the birth and as a couple you will feel so pumped and excited about the upcoming birth of your baby.

So come on Mr sceptical, don’t sit back any longer, come along and have some fun while learning all these amazing secrets we have to share!


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