Despite what some people think, you do have choices when birthing your baby via caesarean section, and it is equally important to prepare for your caesarean birth as it is for a natural birth. Your state of mind, birthing preferences, support and mindset can all make a tremendous difference to your birthing experience. Make your caesarean birth one that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

Prepare yourself, remove fears and approach birth in a calm, positive way. This world-first course is modern and comprehensive. You will receive education, support and access to a range of online resources, your very own folio, 5 long play tracks, an eBook plus so much more!

You deserve to have a calm, empowered positive caesarean birth experience.


Classes are held over 4 hours.

Investment - $395 per couple.

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Healthy Mind &




  • Understanding how our mind works

  • What is self-hypnosis

  • What does a ‘positive birth’ mean to me?

  • How fear can affect our body and birth

  • Thoughts are powerful!

  • Reprograming our subconscious/conditioning

  • Language and positive birthing

  • The power of affirmations

  • Pre-birth bonding

  • Healthy mother, healthy baby




Toolkit for




  • The importance of facial relaxation

  • Relaxation breathing – the most efficient path to calm

  • Music for birthing

  • Using touch to release endorphins

  • Instant relaxation techniques to use through pregnancy, birth and recovery

  • Specific self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond

  • Visualising birth

  • Hypnotic anchors and triggers for deep relaxation

  • Acupressure points




Knowledge is


  • Further reading and research

  • Birthing Preferences

  • Closing the Hormonal Gap

  • The Gentle/Natural/Family Caesarean Birth

  • Baby’s microbiome

  • Seeding and newborn microbiota

  • Bonding with baby at birth

  • Initiating breastfeeding

  • Tips for healthy pregnancy






  • Communicating with caregivers

  • Birth partner’s role

  • Cheat sheet for mother and birth partner

  • Rehearsal for birth practical session




Preparation -



Key to Success

  • Routine for practice

  • A positive caesarean birthing video

  • Fear Release and visualisation of birth practical session

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