When should I start classes

The ideal time to start hypnobirthing classes for natural or caesarean birth is between 20-34 weeks of your pregnancy. However classes can begin at anytime. If you are over 36 weeks please call or email and we can discuss options. 

Childbirth classes are best to attend from 30 weeks of your pregnancy.

How much are classes

Please click on hypnobirthing. All prices are included there along with information about classes and what is included. 

Please click on childbirth classes, all prices are included along with information about what is included.

What do I need to bring to class

For hypnobirthing or childbirth classes - Yourself and your birth partner (this can be partner, mother, friend, doula & midwife) Please also bring a birth ball (exercise ball). Light refreshments are provided throughout the day. If you would like something more substantial to eat please bring along some lunch and snacks. 

How many couples do you take for hypnobirthing classes

I take a maximum of five couples per class. This allows myself to get to know you better and for everyone to feel comfortable to ask questions they may not feel otherwise comfortable asking in large groups.

I don't wish to do in person classes, is there any other options available 

Absolutely! Please contact myself through email or phone and we can discuss options. There are a range of online options you can choose from.

Please note all newborn classes are run online, there is no in person option available for this class. 

Do you offer refunds

Refunds are offered in extenuating circumstances.

Please note for hypnobirthing classes and childbirth classes, a refund will not be given for change of mind during the course or within 7 days of the course commencing. Classes fill quickly and couples often miss out. 

Should I still attend the hospital antenatal classes if I do hypnobirthing classes

This is completely up to you and how you feel. The Hypnobirthing Australia classes are very comprehensive and designed for Australian mothers birthing in Australian hospitals. We will cover many topics covered in hospital antenatal classes. Often antenatal classes will cover topics on interventions and hospital policies and this can create fear within women/couples. We will focus on the birth process and using fear release as well as all the tools you can use for a calm positive birth no matter what turn your birthing needs to take. 

What if my partner cannot attend hypnobirthing classes or the childbirth class

It is really beneficial if your birth partner attends classes however if they cannot attend you are still welcome to attend on your own or bring a friend. Please note* if you decide to bring a friend and they are also pregnant, they will be required to pay the full class fee. 

I want to book a class how do I go about it?

Bookings can be made by going to the hypnobirthing page, caesarean page or childbirth class page. Depending what classes you decide to do. Once you have completed the registration form I will be in contact with you via phone or email (please specify which you prefer) to complete the booking and arrange payment etc. A $150 deposit is required for hypnobirthing classes and is non refundable unless in extenuating circumstances. The full course fee is required to be completed 7 days prior to classes beginning.

Please note - full payment is required to secure your booking for childbirth classes.