Hi, welcome to Illoura Birth. My name is Vanessa, I'm a Registered Paediatric Nurse working in Melbourne for 10 years. In 2018 I completed the Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner training and began teaching this incredible program in early 2019. Having recently completed the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Caesarean Practitioner training in 2020, along with developing my very own birth and newborn preparation classes I now have had the privilege of meeting, preparing and supporting over 250 couples on their positive birth and parenting journey.

Where it all started you may ask... I was first introduced to hypnobirthing following my Obstetrician's recommendation for it's use in birth preparation. Feeling excited about my baby’s arrival but also fearing what many do surrounding birth my partner and I went along to do hypnobirthing classes and it was life changing for us both. The birth of our first son was calm, positive and empowering and really sparked my passion to prepare others for birth. Following the birth of my second son, I am even more passionate to support and teach couples on their journey.

Birth can be a beautiful and positive experience and I base my teachings surrounding this. I am very passionate about women’s health and preparing expectant mothers and their partners for birth and parenthood.


You will walk away from classes feeling prepared to calmly meet whatever turn your birthing journey may take, along with many tools to help navigate the first 3 months with your baby in my newborn classes.

In my birth classes there is no right or wrong way to birth and all births are celebrated no matter how you choose to bring your beautiful baby into the world. The newborn essentials class is designed to equip you with knowledge about the newborn period so you can feel more prepared and understand what is normal. My classes will equip you with knowledge, tools, preparation and support. 

In my spare time I'm often off exploring a good winery with my husband and our two young boys. I love good book and a weekend away supporting small business eating delicious food. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey. Don't forget to have a look in the shop and treat yourself to some goodies for pregnancy, birth, postpartum relaxation and healing.