Baby Essentials Class

Welcoming a baby into your life is so exciting, it can also feel quite daunting and leave you wondering how exactly you're going to navigate those early days & months.
Every parent deserves a smoothe transition into parenthood. During this class you and your support person will learn all about the early days, weeks and months with your newborn. Topics covered include normal newborn behaviours, growth spurts, sleep including safe sleep environment, feeding, newborn cares including bathing, umbilical cord care, eye and nappy cares , newborn tests and medicines as well as signs of an unwell baby and when to seek care. You will also have the opportunity to go over swaddling, settling techniques. Included in this class is an eBook with information around the key topics discussed.

Online Group Class - $94
Face to Face Group Class - $180

Face to Face Private - $250

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*Due to the changing COVID circumstances, if restrictions prohibit classes running face to face, all classes will run online. You will be notified of this prior to your class commencing. There are no refunds available in these circumstances. Rescheduling of class may be offered.